Soul'd Life Local Artist For Local Conservation.

Act Local Think Global


Soul'd Life Provides Art With Purpose.

Know The Artist.

Know the artist's focus is to create nature-inspired art for profit that provides a low carbon footprint combined with providing local knowledge of products that gives a healthier effect in preserving our local nature. 

Know the artists that strive to work together with visitors and local business to create a better product choices that contributes a healthy life for all creatures' lives and homes we share.

Know the artist with Soul'd Life contribute 5% of their profits to local non-profit wildlife and conservation. 

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Local Artist, Designers, Writers

  • T.Kelly Design Photos: Designer/Creator of Soul'd Life
  • Katherine Jones: Aquarium of Niagara, Educator/Writer
  • Laura Buck: Writer for Soul'd Life Rambler
  • Kelly Garner, Cari Medina: Design Advisers
  • Teresa Karenbauer: Concerns Adviser